Shuffle Drill ()

Shuffle Drill 

Objective:  This drill can be used as a conditioning drill or to work on footwork and staying down on the ball.  It will help with keeping players in a good fielding position and help them learn how to shuffle their feet to get in front of a ball. 


Setup:  Two players, baseball


Execution:  One player will have two balls, while the other player will get into his fielding position about 7 yards out front without a glove on.  The standing player will then roll a ball to the right making the fielding player shuffle over in front of the ball.  The player tosses the ball back underhand to the standing player.  As soon as one ball is fielded, the next ball should be rolled the other direction so the fielding player continually shuffles back and forth fielding balls. 


Coaching keys:  Make sure the player is staying low in a good fielding position.  They should be fielding the ball out front, trying to field each ball clean.  This drill is great for conditioning. 

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