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To be a great hitter, using the entire field is essential.  If we only hit the ball to 2 of the 3 fields (left, center, right) we are not only minimizing valuable space for balls to drop in, but we have, or we are creating, a major swing flaw which will lower our productivity. We take the same consistent swing every time, it is how deep in the hitting zone we let the ball travel that will dictate where we hit the ball.  It takes a lot of patience to hit the outside pitch.  You must learn to be patient and let the ball travel deeper into your strike zone to drive the ball to the opposite field.

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Contact Point for Outside Pitch ( )
The great hitters can hit the ball to the opposite field as well as they pull the ball.
Contact Point for Inside Pitch ( )
We will get into trouble if we try to pull every pitch.
Contact Point for Middle Pitch ( )

Your mental approach as a hitter should be to drive the ball back through the middle part of the field.